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 Infinite Solenergy Phils. Inc. with German partner Inutec Solarcenter are offering the broadest portfolio of high quality Solar System products for a wide range of renewable energy and backup applications. We believe in the dream of transforming energy into resources that are environmentally friendly and readily available in 7,107 Islands. At Infinite Solenergy Phils. Inc., we supply on-grid and off-grid energy storage solutions and backup power applications. We understand that reliability means everything when power relies on a system which is why we are committed to delivering the high quality renewable energy solutions for every Juan. One of our core strengths is the dedicated support we provide to our customers. We are proud to be able to continuously supply reliable renewable energy in the country. MISSION Homes located in remote areas without access to grid power often depend on off-grid renewable energy systems to satisfy their power requirements. For these solar power systems, energy storage plays a critical role in providing uninterrupted power when the sun does not shine. Today, 50 million Filipinos live in rural areas where access to electricity is unreliable or even nonexistent. Battery-based renewable energy solutions have made it possible to bring stable and reliable power to remote areas effectively changing the way people live. Infinite Solenergy Phils. Inc. to provide a sustainable alternative to non-renewable resources by harnessing Mother Earth's free and natural energy in order to preserve our environment and offer a low-cost substitute to our electric expenditure. VISION Alternative sources of energy, which were once considered a dream, are increasingly becoming a reality. Today, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions where electricity is scarce contain over 50 Million Filipinos live without access to electrical power. They are unable to meet their basic power needs due to lack of power for lighting, health care and clean water. In this island, renewable energy provides the resources to allow children to learn, families to prosper, and business to grow. Renewable energy sources are transforming our dependence on fossil fuels and inspiring new technologies for clean energy, effectively reducing our impact on the environment for a cleaner future generation for every Filipino. Power homes, businesses and establishments with solar energy through our world class products. About Us
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